How are new medical technologies being used to improve patient care?

The PHR is the latest development in the EHR, HIE and NWhIN chain, which emphasizes more active patient participation in their healthcare decisions. The health landscape is no longer marked by wasted time and piles of paperwork. Telemedicine gives patients the ability to seek care in their spare time and access their health information, all in one place. Medical software and technology allow nurses to change the amounts that leak and the doses of medications so that patients don't have to wait for changes to occur.

Traditionally, electronic medical records (EMR) were limited to office desks, but with tablets, users can access medical records from anywhere, such as smartphones. The normal medical transcription procedure includes dictating medical notes on a recording device for translation by an expert transcriber, followed by research and authentication by the doctor. In short, emerging medical devices and technologies, especially mobile phones and tiny nanometric sensors embedded in various electronic devices that allow information to be sent and received wirelessly, are changing the face of 21st century medical practice.