How are new medical technologies being used to improve data collection and analysis for research purposes?

Future technological innovation will continue to transform health care, but also technologies (new drugs and treatments, new devices, new social networks). The main objectives of public health are focused on protecting and improving the health of communities. Public health technology helps achieve these goals more efficiently. When applied to public health situations, technology provides public health professionals with advanced tools to obtain accurate and detailed demographic data in real time.

This data can help them create more effective and viable health strategies that cover a variety of scenarios, from individual care strategies to coordinated support systems that can address widespread disease outbreaks. In summary, the analysis of the literature on the benefits that medical centers can obtain by using big data analysis in their activities relates mainly to patients, doctors and medical centers. In addition, most of the medical centers examined (34.80% use it and 32.16% use it widely) collect medical documentation in electronic format, which provides an opportunity to use data analysis. Taking into account the results of research in the area of the analytical maturity of medical centers, 8.81% of medical centers stated that they are in the first level of maturity.

In other words, future research on the use of big data in medical centers will focus on the definition of the strategies adopted by medical centers to promote and implement such solutions, as well as on the benefits they obtain from the use of big data analysis and on the vision of perspectives in this area. Up to 13.66% of medical centers confirmed that their analytical skills were deficient, while 38.33% of medical centers were located at level 3, which means that “there is a lot to be done in terms of analysis”. Bibliographic studies have shown that the use of big data analysis can bring many benefits to medical centers, while direct research has shown that medical centers in Poland are adopting data-based health care because they use structured and unstructured data and use analytics in the administrative, business and clinical areas. As part of the database of medical centers, groups of public and private medical centers have been identified and, from each of them, those to whom the questionnaire was addressed were selected.

The analysis of the answers given by the respondents about the potential of data analysis in medical centers shows that a similar number of medical centers use data analysis in administration and business (31.72% agreed with statement No.